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November 8th 2003 — I know it's been quite a while since these pages were spruced up and I imagine if you're here it's only because you've stumbled across this page accidentally, but as of July 2001, T 'n' T is now just T. Since the now absent T was the hardworking half, it's taken me quite a bit of time to get up to speed and longer still to learn how to write as an "I" and not a "we".

Although I still watch General Hospital off and on, it's not currently on the top of my list. Port Charles, alas, has been canceled as of October 2003, so I guess there won't be much more to say on that subject. My new projects include: The Monk Fun Page (inspired by my new favorite television show USA Network's Monk), a site devoted to Galaxy Quest/Just Shoot Me actor Enrico Colantoni and my newest baby, The Ken Curtis Appreciation Site. I'm also working on updating all the existing pages so you may want to check them out as well. — Ms. T

March 28th 2001 — We added three more actors to our T 'n' T Profiles, Jean Bruce Scott, Eddie Velez, and Denise Galik-Furey.

February 4th 2001 — Besides some nifty new graphics and links, we also put away most of the top ten lists into their proper pages. Our new GH/PC feature T 'n' T Profiles went up, with five actors: Loren Freeman, Stephen T. Kay, Michael Fairman, Michael O'Connell and Cosie Costa.

January 20th 2001 -- Not that we don't pile enough projects on our plates, but we couldn't resist doing this new little page, which might turn into a lot of little pages. This is our T 'n' T Profile on General Hospital's Elton (Loren Freeman). This is the first of our T 'n' T Profiles: Quick pages on our favorite underpublicized actors from General Hospital, and our other favorite shows. In the works, Stephen T. Kay, Michael Fairman, Michael O'Connell and Cosie Costa. Please contact us tntmur@aol.com, if you have any information, links or photos of these performers.

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