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September 7th, 2008

Anne Marie on Monk Set





So you're going to be in this week's episode "Mr. Monk Gets hypnotized", right?

Right, I play the newswoman.

Does she have another name?

No, just Newswoman.

So how did you get your role on Monk?

My agent gave me a phone call and said Corbin Bronson, one of the casting directors, wanted me to come and read so I went in and met him and I actually went in at like 11:30 or something and he said to me... we actually played around with the script a little bit you know and he said I want you to come back and meet the producers, because it was just him. So I came back two hours later and met a room full of producers and then two days I think it was I got the phone call that I'd booked the role.

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Actually I've have to tell you Teresa, your web page the Monk Fun Page is kind of fun to read just to find out how the actors got their roles. Most shows have a script... heard back over the course of a couple days or longer you know... but I'll tell you something I found out on the set... when I was introduced to him on the set... :When I saw the tape I knew right away you were the one." I said oh you saw the tape? Well, I am one of the producers so I get to see the tape...." I said thank you but I thought he was just so sweet. It's his show truly you know one of the main producers on the show... hands on involved and all that.

So that must have been good to hear it from him?

Yes, exactly. The ...point where the director... Let's try this again and Tony had ideas because you see how it takes place... I have a newsvan and my camera guy and their shooting all this... and Tony walks by with Traylor... they walk by and they're walking up the hill to the cabin... I won't tell you everything he does....

How many takes did you do?

Three. It was pretty fast, but they got what they wanted you know. I have to say we did probably five... we did quite a few rehearsals. They wanted to make sure they got it all right before they turned on the cameras.

So how long did it take altogether?

Altogether it wasn't very long. It was like... we were on location... It was shot in Thousand Oaks at a cabin in the woods you know... a lot of property. It looked like the actual location... you know, the perfect location for what the script called for... but it was Canyon Ranch in Thousand Oaks... I was probably there half a day. Not that long... and then they we're moving to another location.

So didn't work with the entire cast then?

Yeah I did really. Traylor and I talked a little bit and is it Jason? The young kid?

Right, Jason Gray-Stanford.

I was in the van on the way over with him, but he was going over lines for an audition for something else. I don't know what it was. He didn't have any lines in that particular scene so... but Traylor and I were in make-up together and she's very nice. She was just really nice to talk to. Tony's the one who I dealt with the most. Honest to God, I've been in the business 26 years and he is one of the nicest people I've ever met. Michael Landon is another one who was just an incredible man.

So you worked with him also?

Yes, I worked with him on Highway to Heaven. He was interesting because we did this show called Love and Marriage and it was an hour long show dealing with three generations of a family... and he picked up the phone during the shoot and he called the network and he said we needed an extra half hour... I was like, oh my gosh how many shows have you done with it's NBC I guess, I'm not sure about the network but he'd done so many shows with them at that point that he could just pick up the phone and go here's what I need and they'd say "yeah, that's okay."

So you and Traylor got to talk a little bit?

Yes. Traylor was really, really nice. She loves being on the show and just loves Tony and the whole crew, everybody. They're just a really nice group of people. They've been working together for a while and they all respect each other. I felt at home the minute I got there in hair and make up with Traylor, you know

You and Traylor share a last name. Did you establish if there was any relationship?

We didn't talk about that. We didn't have a whole lot of time. I should have asked her about that. I mean it would have been ironic if we were related. I should have said something about it. Now if we were related to Ron [Howard] everybody would know it because he puts his family in all his movies. I should have told her maybe we should write him a letter. we were related and we didn't know it... Ron Howard... maybe we should write him a letter and say...

Yeah, I guess it's a common name.

I'm sure, but you know I'm curious where she grew up because you know I grew up in Ottumwa Iowa. [Radar]

I think she's from Florida.

Oh, Florida.

Yeah, but you never know further back there could be some relationship.

Yes, it's possible.

So who was the director of your episode?

I knew you were going to ask that. I'll have to look that up. [pause] Michael Watkins.

Oh Michael Watkins.

He's directed a few I guess. (Genius, Bank, Birds and the Bees, and now Hypnotized.)

Yes, he's directed a few and he used to be a director and a cinematographer for Quantum Leap that's where I know him best from... and a few films.

That makes sense because of the way they set the shot. It was a very elaborate shot they set up.... there were a couple... I think more than one... because the guy running my camera that camera was recording... both of them... lighting.

Did you watch the show before you got the role?

I did watch the show. I'm a fan.

What do you like about the show? What attracted you to it.

I like him. I like Tony. I like the humor. Character... makes it work...And I've worked with Sharon Lawrence who's been on the show a few times..

Actually I was kind of expecting her to be in [Mr. Monk, because she was in the promos for the 100th episode, but she wasn't in it so... maybe they just cut her out. I don't know what the deal was. I was kind of disappointed.

Yeah yeah oh that's interesting. I wonder if they kind of well.... She might have just done a cameo or something

Right, yes. Most of the show was like that.

When I've seen her on the show she got quite a large part.

For more than one episode.

Yes, she has.

Of course you know Tony Shalhoub is up for an Emmy and


He's already won three.


So what's your opinion. Should they not give Emmy's to people, because they've won a few already.

No, I mean they're gauging it on that piece of work. He's submitting or they're submitting for him some of the best work that he's done that season and that's what they're voting on. I don't think it should have any bearing whether they've won before or not.

I don't think it should either.

They should give someone else a chance is that what you're saying?

Well, you know that's what they say in the press a lot.

Just look at how may time Susan Lucci was nominated you know. It was a joke in fact one of those years I think it was the 12th year, she did just phenomenal work and she stll got passed over. I don't know that awards hurt or help a show necessarily, you know? It's nice to have the acknowledgement, to be acknowledged for your work. Yeah, I'd vote for him if I had a vote.

Okay, so how would you compare working as a guest star on Monk to other work you've done. I saw you recently on General Hostpital: Night Shift. Was that a totally different experience?

Yes. You know that's more like a soap opera... which I did for years, but it was quite a while ago, but that is more like a soap opera. [Another World, Days of Our Lives] That was kind of an interesting role to play. Mark Teschner who is the casting director of General Hospital and General Hospital: Night Shift booked me in my first film role that I ever did. It was in New York City and that's where I was. I went from Davenport Iowa to New York City to become an actress...I auditioned for ... out here General Hospital... a couple of pilots. He just called my agent and said I want to go.... Well that was nice, he knows my work you know for years It was nice not to have to audition for that you know... phone call and the shoot went so fast he said okay that's it, but otherwise it was one take and that was it.

So just in and out then?

Well, it was a long couple of days but... but it was just one take of everything. Sometimes it takes a while to set that up. you know and the lighting takes so long and the hospital scene takes along time when there's a lot of people everything takes a long time... You know the set up took quite a while, but the actual shooting was just boom boom and out... it was a great experience it was great to do the role because it was an emotionally charged role of this Mom with a daughter who's so sick. I don't know if you saw it or not.

Yes, yes I did.

What fun thing to do. You know a newswoman, you know I've play a newswoman a lot. I did the weatherman and you know another one... I get the Reporter roles a lot. It could be my age it could be ... it could be it's a nice niche that I've found, but I enjoy it, I enjoy doing it but I so fun to have a... flow

Well, there's a lot of different cast from last season too.

Yes, it was all different... that I'm not... but they did it for this... Brian Frons was there and Brian is the head of ABC Daytime now. He was head of NBC daytime when I was there 16 years ago. And he said "I don't know if you remember me." And I said "Of course I remember you." He'd stop by and say hi and see how I was doing.....What a great man

I guess since we're talking about the soap operas, why do you think their audience has declined so much since I guess when you were first on soaps?

That's a good question, probably because of the internet there's so much other entertainment and information available now. Yes, it's declined quite a bit I know but I've got to say I remebre when I was on another world it was around their 25th anniversary and there was talk then about the show going off the air and it didn't go off until another five or six years later. I'd already left, I'd been gone for quite a while ... go off the air, so I know it's been declining for quite a long time you know for the last 15 years it's been declining.


I don't know why, maybe because they haven't shaken it up. Reality shows are a whole different format that everybody's watching and loving you know the interactiveness of it... American Idol... call in votes.

So what do you enjoy most about acting?

... As a matter of fact I played a cop you know and I did a very interesting and it's really fun to get to go play that you know... play that role... really fun... it's also fun... you know like having someone ... just wow they wouldn't do that... you know what would drive...

So you like playing the villain?

I do. I wouldn't always like to be locked into that, but it is very... There's so many more layers.... everybody... for yourself... Di you see The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger


really went there.

So what do you like least about acting?

Being cold. There are so many times when you're side or even inside when they have the air cranked. There's nothing worse than... it's just freezing... winter coat on you it's freezing and everybody's in their parkas ... and your coat keeps coming on and off you know... that's .... the hardest part. I don't mind the hours, you know the long hours. Nothing's beter than long hours, day after day Theres something about...

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