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Broadway and Taylor
"Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico"

mexico screen shot
Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico 2003

Monk Corner
Taylor and Broadway San Francisco 2005

Monk Corner 1
Monk Corner 2
Left and above, Teresa and David at Taylor and Broadway. Right, man changing a flat tire approximately where Stottlemeyer and Disher drove up.
Monk Corner 3

Broadway and Taylor Map
Click map to enlarge

The Palace of Fine Arts

"Mr. Monk Goes to the Ball Game"

Ball Game Screen Shot
Mr. Monk Goes to the Ball Game 2003

SF Palace 1
The Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco 2005

SF Palace 2

SF Palace 3
Left and above Teresa and David at The Palace of Fine Arts. Left, photographer Seth Williams steps in front of the camera.

SF Palace 4

Palace Map
Palace of Fine Arts Map
Click map to enlarge

North Beach
"Mr. Monk and the Candidate"

Mr. Monk and the Candidate 2002
Jasper Place in North Beach

Jasper Place in 2005. All the fish have been picked up.


Left and above Teresa and David at Jasper Place, The No Parking sign at the scene, 3 years and still bent.

"Mr. Monk and the Candidate" on location in North Beach SF 2002

Teresa and David on Location in North Beach 2005

Left and above Teresa and David at Grant and Filbert in North Beach.
Right, a Sharona look alike at the same corner. Just imagine the skirt is a little shorter.

North Beach Map
North Beach Map
Click map to enlarge

Bay Bridge
"Mr. Monk and the Candidate"

Mr. Monk and the Candidate 2002
The Embarcardero

The Embarcardero at Howard Street

Double click for my little Monk moment

Embarcardero Map
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Monk on Green
Mr. Monk and the Candidate 2002
Montgomery and Green Street

Me on Green 3
Me on Green 2

Montgomery Map
Montgomery and Green Street
Click on map to enlarge

Big Reward 1
The Museum in "Mr. Monk and the Big Reward" at Baker and Vallejo
from where the soon-to-be gum covered diamond was stolen

museum 2
museum 3

museum 4

museum map
Museum Map
Click map to enlarge

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