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a.k.a "Monk is Filming in Front of My Apartment"
As told by GuHleer on the USA Network Board

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3-20-2007 3:51pm

They're filming some scenes here on my street in L.A.. I got a pretty clear view. Punks blocked off my entire street though. It's all good except my UPS driver is lazy and hasn't delivered my packages because of it. The scene they're filming looks like Sarah Silverman and Shalhoub and some other lady [ed. That's no lady, that's Traylor Howard... wait... that didn't come out right. Also, if I'm not mistaken, creator Andy Breckman is the dapper gentleman with the tan jacket and untucked red shirt talking to Tony.]

The gang on location

I didn't even know Sarah Silverman [reprising her role as Marci Maven] was on the show cause I rarely watch Monk. And some black guy who looks like a dog trainer is giving commands to a dog to start barking on and off. The guy lifts his index finger and the dog starts barking. He's real good.

The SFPD in L.A.
 3-21-2007 1:07am

Obviously I won’t disclose the location other than to say it's in L.A. somewhere. Ha, ha. They will be shooting again tomorrow and I see a SFPD cop car parked outside my apartment which is kind of cool. You can easily spot Mr. Shalhoub (who I hear lives only 4 blocks away from this location). More pictures to come. If this is against site rules to post pictures just let me know.
3-21-2007 10:21am

They are filming again today, but on the other side of the street so I don’t have a very good view today. Doesn’t look like any of the principles are there today, but I really can’t tell since I don’t have a very good area to look from. I don’t have any more good pictures, but I have a pretty good vid of the scene they filmed and will make that available later in the day when I get a chance to upload it somewhere.

Also, the new pictures I took today show the mannequin covered with clothing and all bloodied up.

I'll try and upload some more pics, but most of the other ones I took were way out of focus since I was shooting from my window and it's real dirty (hey, it's a bachelor pad!) So the pics came out of focus.

dummy 1
The Victim
dummy 2
The Victim later that day, feeling much better

BF 4
Standing around in the drizzly rain

3-21-2007 11:08am

Yesterday it was raining a bit, but it was what we call "L.A. Cold" which is 50 (yes, that's pathetic) but people here think 50 is cold. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Monk was a true warrior though. He was walking around in the rain with script in hand, no umbrella, no nothing, while everybody else was running for shelter. 

3-21-2007 3:03pm

I'm out of work so I really have nothing better to do with my time! Ha, ha. I went up on the roof for you guys and banged my head on a DirecTV dish in the process, but anything for some better shots of the action!

Looks like there won't be much more to take pics of. There's still some action going on but on the other side of the street out of my view.

I will email all my pictures to those who've requested it. I pretty much posted all the pics I have, but I probably have a few more that came out bad that I didn’t post so I'll send those too. If you want to get on the email list just PM me. So far I have 6 requests. I feel so popular and loved.

I’m going to see about uploading the video of the scene from yesterday to You Tube. I'll post a link when I get a chance.

BF 5
Traylor Howard & guest star Sarah Silverman

BF 6
Tony, Traylor and Sarah shoot a scene

BF 7
Traylor at her trailer

3-21-07 3:50pm

Hey, Og [ed. Lovelorn USA message board poster]... don't hate me, but you're not going to believe this... they just parked one of those trailers for actors to hang out in right under my window, literally like 10 feet away. Who comes out of it? Your woman [Traylor Howard.] Dude, if you live in LA, come up here. She most likely will be here for a couple of hours since they have a trailer and everything. Sarah Silverman is out here again too. Time for some more pics!

3-21-2007 4:12pm

Holy jeeezus! They are full on filming again today. The full crew is out. Big cameras, directors, Tony Shalhoub, Silverman all the big players are back. I'm going to have some good pictures for you guys and some great vid too. Sun is out so the pictures should come out better than yesterday. Woooo hooo!

BF 8
Tony Shalhoub and some of the crew

BF 9
Mystery Guest Star [I don't recognize him either.]

3-21-2007 6:19pm

Yeah, no Ted [Levine] or Jason [Gray-Stanford] sightings. There's another actor who had a scene with the three. I'm sure you'll recognize his face, but I don’t know his name.

I’m going to upload all my images to Flickr so you can download the high res versions.

I have over 30 minutes of video footage now and have no idea what to do with it. It's all the same footage anyway. They filmed the same scene at least 30 times. Talk about perfectionists!

BF 11 BF 10
BF 12
Shooting for perfection

3-21-2007 7:03pm

Here's a taste of some of the new stuff [ed. captions are GuHleer's]:

BF 7
Hollywood sign backdrop

I swear she was looking at me when I yelled,

Hey, why don't you actors go out and fight
crime instead of drinking your coffee?

3-22-07 8:29pm
Hey ya'll!

Even though the filming has ended, the fun's not over yet! I'm uploading about 9 minutes of video to You Tube right now. When it goes live I'll post it.

Here are some screen caps from the vids and some other pics from my camera. The quality of the video should be much better than the first video I posted.

3-22-2007 10:25pm

The You Tube uploads are finally up. I had to cut a bit of the quality on the vids to make the file size smaller so the quality isn’t as good as I'd like.

BF 13

BF 15

All the Photos

You Tube Video 1

You Tube Video 2


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