Enrico Colantoni was born on February 14th 1963 – Valentine’s Day…

Colantoni on his birthday coinciding with Valentine’s Day—

“You know what? It really sucks. It's my birthday, but to (a woman) it's Valentine's Day. I'm grateful that I'm married because we just celebrate the whole thing.”

Possibly Uninteresting Fact #1:

We celebrate Valentine's Day, because until 1969, it was one of the many Saint's Days observed by the Catholic Church. It was dedicated to the patron saint of romantic causes, St. Valentine. Although it was removed from the Church's calendar in 1969, the religious meaning coupled with Valentine's Day's roots in Roman paganism have allowed it to continue as a holiday for everyone. (That and it’s Rico’s birthday.)

Jack Benny (1894) Mostly bald and certainly dead comedian.

Birthday Buddies
Other Famous People Born on February 14th

Edward Platt (1916) Mostly bald and also dead character actor from Get Smart!

Jimmy Hoffa (1913) Long missing and probably dead Labor Leader

Florence Henderson (1934)
The Timeless Carol Brady

Teller (1948)
Silent half of Penn & Teller. Co-star of the Showtime program Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Stuff that happened in 1963 which was a little less important than Enrico Colantoni's birth

  • The first flight of a Boeing 727
  • Alcatraz closes
  • First demonstration of a Home Video Recorder
  • US Postal service introduces the zip code
  • Beatles release first U.S. Single
  • The Outer Limits Premieres
  • The Guthrie Theater opens in Minneapolis
  • Figure Skater Brian Boitano is born

Some stuff that happened in 1963 which, admittedly, may have been more important than Enrico’s Birth

A Tough Call –

  • Pebbles Flintstone's debut

One really bad thing that happened on Valentine's Day

  • Al Capone’s boys rubbed out seven of Bugs Moran’s gang in a Chicago garage on February 14th 1929. (In 1967 Just Shoot Me co-star George Segal was featured in a movie about it.)

...in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The city of Toronto, a.k.a T.O. or Hollywood North (although Vancouver also apparently claims that title), rests on the shore of Lake Ontario.
Toronto’s stunning skyline features the CN Tower (the largest free standing structure in the world) and the SkyDome, home of the Toronto BlueJays, but not the...

— the NHL team who played at the Maple Leaf Gardens for 67 years before relocating to Air Canada Centre in 1999. Most notable as Rico’s favorite sports team.

Posssibly Uninteresting Fact #2
Lake Ontario is the only Great Lake that never freezes.

According to the Toronto Convention and Visitors Association, Toronto is “an Italian city.” Italians are the second largest cultural group in Toronto next to the British. Torontonians of Italian decent number more than 650,000. There are two areas in particular that can be deemed Italian “neighbourhoods”: Little Italy, right downtown; and the Corso Italia, further north.

Toronto is a popular location for film and television productions such as…

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, starring David Carradine who made a cameo appearance on Just Shoot Me in February of 2000.
Friday the 13th: The Series, on which Colantoni made a 1987 guest appearance, his television debut.

…and the first season of Monk, starring Tony Shalhoub, who joined Enrico in 1999 ’s Galaxy Quest.

I can't go back to Canada. They'll be waiting for me. ~ Elliot

Who?  ~Jack

The Canadians.  I thought I made that clear. ~Elliott

“The Kiss” - Just Shoot Me

Enrico was the second and youngest son of an Italian immigrant father and a homemaker mother.

"I was raised in the big Italian neighborhood in Toronto,” he says. Although as a boy he reportedly “wrote, cast and performed” in neighborhood “skits” Rico’s interest in acting as a profession was first awakened while watching his brother, who would later become a Toronto police officer, perform in a high school play. However, by the time he was ready for college, acting was not yet his chosen career. “When I was 20, I headed off to U of T to study law," he remembers.

Possibly Uninteresting Fact #3
"Innovation has long been a hallmark at U of T. In its 175-year history, the university has been home to some of the world's most original thinkers, including six Nobel Prize-winning graduates, two female astronauts, two graduates who went on to become prime minister, the first black Canadian doctor, the first Canadian aboriginal medical graduate and the world's first female aircraft designer."

“U of T”, The University of Toronto, also offered drama courses, one of which he took as an elective. Norman Jewison, Donald Sutherland and Raymond Massey are all listed at the U of T website as notable alumni in the Arts. Colantoni is not, presumably because he wasn’t there long enough. His drama professor recognized his talent and recommended he pursue acting as a career. "My drama teacher encouraged me to study acting and Tootsie made New York seem like the only place to be a struggling actor."

His parents were less than enthusiastic about the acting profession. According to the National Enquirer and other more reliable sources, his parents wanted him to be a priest.

This desire was, perhaps, at least partially fulfilled when he later took on the role of a sort of bad priest in the 1999 film Stigmata.

"It's remarkable that I did what I did," Colantoni says, "because I didn't grow up in a family of artists and my craft was completely unacceptable to them."

Acceptance, if not an all out blessing, was eventually forthcoming.

Rico credits his “need to be louder than my parents! “ as his inspiration for acting.

Just don't wear any makeup. ~ Elliott

Why not? ~ Maya

My mother will call you a whore. ~ Elliott

“Slow Donnie” - Just Shoot Me

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