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1997 was a pretty good year for Enrico Colantoni.

The 34-year-old actor could count among his blessings, a new hit television series, a new wife and, by the end of the year, his first child. The series was, of course, Just Shoot Me. The new wife was Nancy Snyder, referred to by Variety as “non-pro”, and the new child was a son, Quintin. Rico’s parents were, he admits, more pleased by the latter developments. “The work never really swayed them at all. Not having to ask them for money anymore never swayed them. [It was] the fact that I was ready to settle down. That I got married and I'm a father.”

Just Shoot Me was a mid-season replacement that quickly found a loyal audience and enjoyed seven successful years on the air. “You never know what people are going to like,” admits Colantoni. “Having David Spade with us helped a lot, but I never ever know. You never know if you were going to come back next year. And we managed to do it, even after they moved us to another night, and so on. So I looked back and thought ‘Oh wow, we survived seven years!’, which in Hollywood standards is a miracle for a sitcom to last that long. A loyal fanbase just kept coming back to the show. They just kept finding us.

Colantoni played photographer Elliott DiMauro. "Elliott started out by being really cool," he says about his character. "He was the cool, womanizing guy; he wore great leather coats. I’m nothing like my character,” he confided at the time. “Except on a really good day! He's so much cooler than I am.“

Over the seasons his character developed. "Sure enough, they just kind of like him being kind of thumby, you know, and nerdy, which is fine," he said. "I think the bigger challenge is to make him cool and funny, but it's kinda hard"

He also felt the show itself eventually lost a little of its edge. " "I liked the relationships much better when everyone in the office hated everyone else.  It's far more realistic for one thing."

"He's extremely Italian - Italian-Canadian - which is such a strange combination," says his "Just Shoot Me" co-star Wendie Malick. "But he comes in here and gives us the most fabulous bear hugs everyday. He's a great hugger."

My Favorite Enrico Colantoni/Just Shoot Me Assessment

"Primary among these is unlikely Casanova and fashion photographer Elliott. Gloriously bald and puzzlingly attractive, he is the very essence of what makes this show so bizarre, and yet so very enjoyable.

The fact that this borderline geek (Colantoni memorably played an alien in Galaxy Quest) can be successfully portrayed as a rakish chick magnet is a triumph of casting. It would have been easy to put a beauteous, bedroom-eyed hunk in the role, to make women's hearts beat faster and foster the illusion of impossible glamour. Instead, Elliott's loveable goofiness, and the fact that his position as Blush's staff photographer gets a guy like him laid on a regular basis, underline Just Shoot Me's point, that the world of fashion magazines is shallow, empty, completely fake... and very, very funny.
by Rachel Hyland
PopMatters Film and TV Critic 2000
On the whole, Just Shoot Me was a positive experince and an extraordinary break for the actor. "We have so much fun just in the energy of fun and love (of acting our scenes). We're always laughing. Everybody loves being there and acknowledges everyone else. There's no backstabbing. This is an amazing group of people to work with," said Rico. "We're like a family. Of course, just like with a family, sometimes you need some time apart."


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All this stuff is copyright 2003-2005. Some of it's even original. Rico really said all this stuff , but not to me. Different interviews, various dates. I trust they all quoted him accurately and that by and large he was truthful in his answers.