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Character Sketch

After Sonny Corinthos began appearing on General Hospital his mob ties were slowly revealed. In "the business", Harry Silver was his right hand man, running the gambling and doing mysterious things at warehouses with code names. The loyal Harry stuck with Sonny through think and thin. He came to Brenda's rescue after a shooting in Sonny's apartment. Harry had a girlfriend named Sybil, whom he brought to one of the fourth of July picnics.

Then disaster struck. In order to stay out of jail, Sonny married Lily Rivera. The vulnerable, lady-like, Lily awakened Harry's paternal instincts. His loyalty shifted to her. When he believed Sonny was leaving Lily for the persistent Brenda, he called Lily's father, Senor Rivera. But Rivera's hit on Sonny, went terribly wrong, killing Lily and her unborn child. Harry was deeply remorseful and begged Sonny's forgiveness. Sonny would not grant it, but did let him leave with his life.

Alas, that was not the last we saw of Harry. Stewing over Lily's death and his own guilt, Harry went not so quietly mad, plotting revenge against Sonny and Brenda. He sent some pictures of Lily to Brenda. Later he kidnapped Sonny and Brenda and threatened to kill them in an underground tunnel. They killed him with a rock and then made love near his stiffening body.

Actor - Credits

[Michael Fairman] Initial research was done on the Internet Movie Database. Stage and more acting credits added after Internet search; mostly Google. Titles may be linked to useful pages about those works.

Michael Eugene Fairman was born February 25th 1934 in New York City. Member of the Church of Scientology. (See Links section below)

Black Scorpion (1/5/01)
(Television Guest) "Armed and Dangerous" - General Stryker

Boston Public (11/6/00)
(Television Guest) "Chapter Three" - Harold Shaw

Family Law (10/23/00)
(Television Guest) "Going Home" - Pierce's attorney

The Perfect Wife(2000)
(Feature Film) - Orville Gleason

Thirteen Days (2000)
(Feature Film) - Adlai Stevenson

The Perfect Tenant(2000)
(Feature Film) - Mr. Hartwell

Sunset Beach (9/99-10/99)
(Television Series) - Archbishop Damien

Boy Meets World 02/19/99
(Television Guest) "Resurrection" - Dr. Markman

Providence (2/19/99)
(Television Guest) "If Memory Serves" - Frank

Forces of Nature (1999)
(Feature Film) - Richard

Brina's Problem (1998)
(Feature Film) -

The Christmas Wish(1998)
(Television Movie) -

Freedom Strike (1998)
(Feature Film) - General Porter

The X Files (4/13/97)
(Television Guest) "Synchrony" - Older Jason Nichols

Cupid (1997)
(Feature Film) - Carl

Arliss 08/08/96
(Television Guest) "Episode 2" Buddy Reingold

An Unfinished Affair 5/03/96
(Television Movie) - Father-In-Law

The Nurse (1996)
(Feature Film) - Bob Martin

Kid Cop (1996)
(Direct to Video) Charlie Rebbins

Apollo 11 (1996)
(Television Movie) - Edwin Aldrin, Sr.

The Great White Hype(1996)
(Feature Film) - Chairman Jerry Schwartz

An Unfinished Affair(1996)
(Television Movie) - Clayton Edmunds

The Late Shift (1996)
(Television Movie) - Michael Gartner

The Crew (10/5/95)
(Television Guest) "Bar Mitzvah Boy" - Sam Steadman

ER (9/19/94)
(Television Guest) "24 Hours" - Mort Harris

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (5/20/94)
(Television Guest) "High Treason: Part 2" - General Fairman

L.A. Law (5/19/94)
(Television Guest) "Finish Line" - Judge Douglas McGrath

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (5/13/94)
(Television Guest) "High Treason: Part 1" - General Quarry

L.A. Law (2/3/94)
(Television Guest) "He Ain't Guilty, He's My Brother" - Judge Douglas McGrath

Murphy Brown (1994)
(Television Guest) - Steve Ferguson

Hoggs' Heaven (1994)
(Television Movie) - Dad

General Hospital (1994-1997)
(Television Series) - Harry Silver

Seinfeld (11/11/93)
(Television Guest) "The Barber" - Mr. Pensky

Bob (05/17/93)
(Television Guest) "Oh Where, Oh Where has my Mad-Dog Gone?" - Buck Sikes

L.A. Law (4/22/93)
(Television Guest) "Come Rain or Come Schein" - Judge Douglas McGrath

Cheers (3/28/91)
(Television Guest) "Pitch It Again, Sam" -

Quantum Leap (11/16/90)
(Television Guest) "The Great Spontini" - Judge Mulhern

Tour of Duty (4/14/1990)
(Television Guest) "Three Cheers for the Orange, White and Blue" - General Edward Higgins

Tour of Duty (3/24/90)
(Television Guest) "War Is a Contact Sport" - General Edward Higgins

Night Court (12/06/89)
(Television Guest) "Branded: Part 2" - Judge Casement

Night Court (11/29/89)
(Television Guest) "Branded: Part 1" - Judge Casement

Viper (11/02/98)
(Television Guest) "Honest Abe" - Abe Goldberg

One Day in Dallas (1990)
(Feature Film) - John

Johnny Ryan (1990)
(Television Movie) -

Tour of Duty (11/18/89)
(Television Guest) "Thanks for the Memories" - General Edward Higgins

Hunter (5/21/89)
(Television Guest) "Return of White Cloud" -

The Banker(1989)
(Feature Film) - Fred

L.A. Law (12/8/88)
(Television Guest) "The Princess and the Pee" - Judge Douglas McGrath

Favorite Son (1988)
(Television Movie) - Dr. Aronowitz

Scarecrow and Mrs. King (5/14/87)
(Television Guest) "Suitable For Framing" - Sergei

MacGyver (9/29/85)
(Television Guest) "MacGyver" - General Relkwin

Remington Steele (2/21/85)
(Television Guest) "Elegy in Steele" - Cop"

The Dukes of Hazzard (2/1/85)
(Television Guest) "Enos and Daisy's Wedding" - The Deputy Attorney General

Stingray (1985)
(Television Movie) -

Our Family Honor (1985)
(Television Movie) -

Hill Street Blues (12/6/84)
(Television Guest) "The Rise and Fall of Paul the Wall" - Arnold Detweiler

The A-Team (1/10/84)
(Television Guest) "The Battle of Bel Air" - Raymond

Anatomy of an Illness (1984)
(Television Movie) - Dr. Lowman

Scarecrow and Mrs. King (10/17/83)
(Television Guest) "If Thoughts Could Kill" - Dr. Glaser

Knight Rider (10/9/83)
(Television Guest) "Brother's Keeper" - Eric Fenton

Hill Street Blues (11/18/82)
(Television Guest) "Requiem for a Hairbag" - Arnold Detweiler

Hill Street Blues (11/11/82)
(Television Guest) "Little Boil Blue - Arnold Detweiler

Hill Street Blues (11/4/82)
(Television Guest) "Stan the Man" - Arnold Detweiler

Hill Street Blues (10/21/82)
(Television Guest) "Rain of Terror" - Arnold Detweiler

Hill Street Blues (10/14/82)
(Television Guest) "Heat Rash" - Arnold Detweiler

Cagney & Lacey (1984-1988)
(Televison Series) Inspector Knelman

World War III (1982)
(Television Movie) - Dr. Alan Tenant

Bosom Buddies (2/26/81)
(Television Guest) "Kip Quits" - Mr. Peters

Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (1981)
(Feature Film) - Bernard Lupowitz

Taxi (1/8/80)
(Television Guest) "Tony and Brian" - John Brennan

WKRP in Cincinnati (11/01/80)
(Television Guest) "The Airplane Show" - Buddy Barker

Any Which Way You Can (1980)
(Feature Film) - CHP Captain

Scared Straight! Another Story (1980)
(Television Movie) - Warden

Like Normal People (1979)
(Television Movie) - Lieutenant Anderson

WKRP in Cincinnati (10/30/78)
(Television Guest) "Turkey's Away" - Shoe Store Owner

A Question of Guilt(1978)
(Television Movie) - Man on Stand

Charlie's Angels (11/23/77)
(Television Guest) "Angels in the Wings" - Cal Stone

Eight Is Enough (1977)
(Television Guest) "The Bard and the Bod" -

Ryan's Hope 1975
(Television Series) - Nick Szabo

Love of Life (1970?)
(Television Series) - Phil Waterman

The Anderson Tapes (1971)
(Feature Film) - Sergeant Claire

Writer - Credits

Found Money (1983)
(Television Movie) Starring Dick Van Dyke and Sid Caesar.

WKRP in Cincinnati (1978)
(Television Series) Five episodes including "A Date with Jennifer", "A Commercial Break", "Most Improved Station", "The Airplane Show", "The Impossible Dream".

Stage Credits

He is said to have been seen in many-off Broadway productions, we however don't know what they are. We would appreciate any information leading to the apprehension of these credits. Contact T 'n' T.


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